I am a passionate software engineer who loves to work on Azure microservices, REST API, SDKs, and .NET apps using WPF, Xamarin, and MAUI.
The work includes highly scalable geo-distributed services for Microsoft Family Safety and an open-source authentication library with nearly 500 million downloads. I also had fun integrating with hardware using Bluetooth (BLE), and drivers in my previous jobs.
I have transformed several ideas into v1 products that are in the market. These products are in several industries, including robotics, health care, finance, insurance modeling, and software development tools. The .net technology stack provides reliable and efficient ways to develop software in several layers including cloud storage, business logic, and apps.
On a personal note, I live near Seattle with my daughter and two cats. I also have a pilot’s license. My hobbies include making “things” on the weekend, sharing what I learned with the community via GitHub, hackster.io, and speaking at conferences.



Conference talk




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