Tip: Hide that annoying iOS privacy prompt

Do your users get annoyed by the privacy prompt in iOS (13+) during logon?

iOS Privacy Prompt

The prompt is meant to let users know that they are being tracked using cookies. However, it can be annoying to the users. There is a way to hide it.

If you are developing on native iOS platform, it can be hidden by settings “prefersEphemeralWebBrowserSession” to true on browser before calling start method.

MSAL.NET provides a way to hide the prompt in version 4.31. SystemWebViewOptions has a new property iOSHidePrivacyPrompt. By default, this property is false. When the property is set to true and the options is added to PublicClientApplicationBuilder, it will hide the prompt.


// Hide the privacy prompt
SystemWebViewOptions systemWebViewOptions = new SystemWebViewOptions()
                                                                                               iOSHidePrivacyPrompt = true,

var authResult = await App.PCA.AcquireTokenInteractive(App.Scopes)

This can be added to the common code across the platforms as it ignores the platforms where it is not applicable. Updated sample can be seen here.

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